Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yesssss.......I did it, took the plunge and got their faces done, I'm pretty happy with the reuslt. Once the oil dries, than I can smooth out the edges with glazes and layers, so thir faces will hopefully be even smoother. Now that the pressure is off, I'll attack the rest of the picture.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kosovo Maiden - WIP

I'm terrified at starting their faces-I feel this is my most critical area...if I stuff them up, than the painting is not worth the canvas its painted on. WHY?

Because this painting is as familiar to every peason that works through my front door, as is 'Mona Lisa" to the rest of the world!!!!

Kosovo maiden - WIP

Stage 2!

Stage 1!

Kosovo Maiden - WIP

This poem and painting are my husbands (propbably) most favourite things in Serbian History. For his 40th Birthday I decided to paint him the painting (a replica) as a gift.

Both the work and history are very monumental and important to the Serbian Nation, and I hope I do justice to this work. The pressure is ON!!!!!!

Just a bit of backround info on this painting for those of you interested is listed below.

This Poem and Pinting was based on the Kosovo Battle in 1389!!
Artist - Uros Predic

(Kosovo 1389- The most important battle in Serbian history took place at Kosovo field on 28 June 1389 between armies led by the Serbian Prince Lazar and the Ottoman Turk Sultan Murad. The result, though inconclusive, (The battle of Kosovo is generally seen as a victory for the Ottomanshas ) been celebrated since in Serbian epic poetry as a defeat of great mystical significance, ushering in the end of Serbia's independence and the start of four centuries of Ottoman, Muslim domination and occupation over the people of Serbia. No accounts by participants in the battle survive, though it is accepted that both Murad and Lazar were killed. It is also estimated that over 100,000 lives were lost, although others claim three times large numbers than that were lost.)

The Maiden of Kossovo

(first two verses of the poem)

Early rose the maiden of Kossovo,

Early rose she on a Sunday morning,

Rose before the brilliant sun had risen.

She has rolled the white sleeves of her robe back,

Rolled them back up to her soft white elbows;

On her shoulders, fair white bread she carries,

In her hands two shining golden goblets,

In one goblet she has poured fresh water,

And has poured good red wine in the other.

Then she seeks the wide plain of Kossovo,

Seeks the noble Prince's place of meeting,

Wanders there amongst the bleeding heroes.

When she finds one living midst the wounded

Then she laves him with the cooling water,

Gives him, sacramentally, the red wine,

Pledges with her fair white bread the hero.

Fate at last has led her wand'ring footsteps

Unto Pavle Orlovitch, the hero,

Who has borne the Prince's battle-standard.

From his gaping wounds the blood is streaming,

His right hand and his left foot are severed--

And the hero's ribs are crushed and broken,

But he lingers still amongst the living.

From the pools of blood she drags his body

And she laves him with the cooling water,

Red wine, sacramentally, she gives him,

Pledges then with fair white bread the hero.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Feast to the Pillers of the World

Feast to the Pillers of the World

I feel that I have finally completed this was a leason in patience, composition, layering and lighting...but I finally got there. These is probably only a day left of work still, but its only to glaze and final touch ups. Up the top is the complete work, the images above a few details of the work.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I just completed these two paintings, and I will lauch my 'Small Works Art Shop' with these two ladies...I guess my art has always been drawn to Fantastical Realisam, and I suppose I am happiest painting in this theme.

At the moment they are small studies for some large works I plan to start in the next month or well as completing 3 large works which have been siiting around and collecting dust on their pretty shiny oily surface. I have two more of these small works in the making and will post them up as soon as I finish them. I have 1 more week of work left in the office and than I'm planning a long x-mas break...which of course is just going to be a big painting party in my studio!!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jana & me

Petra & me

Well...I am back after my Perth trip, it ended up being a 23hr day for me thanks to Virgin Blue and their notorious Flight Delays...but never the day was BRILLIANT.
A million hugs and kisses to Jana and Petra, to their respective partners and Daniela (Jana's friend and student) for giving me their Saturday. I was basically pampered by them for most of the day, and of course main topic of conversation was Jana and the Art World. I spent a good hour and a half in the gallery and just emersed my self in the BRILLIANT art that has propelled and inspired me beyond words.
My art will take a turn at this point...Jana's art has inspired me to search and further improve my expression and drawing skills...and of course I will keep you all updated...