Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Feast to the Pillers of the World

I feel that I have finally completed this work...it was a leason in patience, composition, layering and lighting...but I finally got there. These is probably only a day left of work still, but its only to glaze and final touch ups. Up the top is the complete work, the images above a few details of the work.


Jade E. Henderson said...

Fantastic effort there mate, and fantastic outcome. I'll have to come around and see it.
see you at Slava

Vesna Designs said...

Thanks Jade...yeah it was bloody hard work but worth it in the end, its one of those paintings that everyone just stands and stares at transfixed...feels good!!!!


There is so much work in this piece V... your efforts show!
What are your plans for it now?
Do you plan to exhibit it?
What ever you do, you should be very satisfied with your results... it is certainly screams Vesna! Your style is unmistakable.
Well done!

Vesna Designs said...

Oh PG- I've missed you...you have been a bussy bee lately which is wonderful, especially with some amazing work you have been producing, thank you for stopping by...yeah I finally got around to a point where I said-ENOUGH-you know I could keep going another 5 months but at the end of the day, I'm spent on this work and my mind is buzzing with new ideas and new works I want to start...this work I might submit for a Melbourne show in March-She Who Explores- I think its called...I;m not sure...I will keep you posted!!!!