Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kosovo Maiden - WIP

I'm terrified at starting their faces-I feel this is my most critical area...if I stuff them up, than the painting is not worth the canvas its painted on. WHY?

Because this painting is as familiar to every peason that works through my front door, as is 'Mona Lisa" to the rest of the world!!!!


Jade E. Henderson said...

It is looking bloody awesome Vesna, dive in and start the faces!

Vesna Designs said...

Hay Jade...yeah...eventually I will have to mate...maybe today...


Hi V...You have made a wonderful start and are travelling well. WIP's can have you feeling overwhelmed.
Just breathe...can feel your anxiousness over painting the faces. I have every faith in your abilities, look what you have achieved so far...i agree with Jade
Will look forward to your next progress shots.