Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hi All !!!
I've just started 3 New Series of 2009 Art-Blog will be filled with these images so I thought I might give you some for-warning. The new usual are once again Feminine based...their good and their bad and the a bit of primordial essence of their/our connection to earth.
-Black Widow Series
-Earthly Feelings Series &
-Feminine Sorrows & Joys Series
There is a small WIP kind of preview of what I will be going nuts with in 2009 underneath, so have a look and write me a line.
Please leave me your comments...however small or big they are, they mean a lot to me, because your input is a reflection of the public out there and it is very important to me...even if your comments are negative, I am just as happy to receive them too!!!

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