Thursday, December 11, 2008

WIP-Earthly Feelings

This is where I am up to with "Moonlight Whispering"



Oh My Vesna...I looooove this!
You have been working hard, but i bet having much fun creating these new works! I'm so excited for you and i can sense your enthusiasm and energy.
Love the atmosphere you are creating here with the 'moonlight' and her surrounds especially that chair - wish my chairs in my musical series looked this good! I also love this vintage feel can't wait to see more.

Vesna Designs said...

Thank You PG-finally a comment lol-I'm planning at least another 7 works around this vitage theme in the "Earthly Feelings" series-mostly using the Moon-I feel that the Moon does influence us in strange ways...good I'm finalizing a few scetches and should start on the others soon.
Thank You for stopping by :) !!!!


The moon can make us do crazy things!
Being Cancerian a sign ruled by the moon makes me a 'lunatic!' LOL... Well this is my excuse!
I will have to remember to click the email option.
Off to see the progress now...