Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tony Moffitt OnLine Art School!

If anyone is interested in improving their art skills or just wants to be a part of a great Art Group...Tony Moffitt has just opened his on line school and is running it FREE for the month of December...its a Try before you Bye of course, and all you need to know about Tony and his work you can view and read about come wont be disappointed!!!!


Hi All !!!
I've just started 3 New Series of 2009 Art-Blog will be filled with these images so I thought I might give you some for-warning. The new usual are once again Feminine based...their good and their bad and the a bit of primordial essence of their/our connection to earth.
-Black Widow Series
-Earthly Feelings Series &
-Feminine Sorrows & Joys Series
There is a small WIP kind of preview of what I will be going nuts with in 2009 underneath, so have a look and write me a line.
Please leave me your comments...however small or big they are, they mean a lot to me, because your input is a reflection of the public out there and it is very important to me...even if your comments are negative, I am just as happy to receive them too!!!

WIP-Black Widow Series

First WORK NEARLY COMPLETE IN THE Series-"Black Widow"

WIP Series-Feminine Sorrows & Joys

This is in a very very early stage-I named this one "Lonely Sorrow"

New Series-Earthly Feelings

New Series-Earthly Feelings
This work is in early stages and is called-"Moonlight Whispering"