Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to - Kosovo Maiden - Wip

WIP 5 - Almost Complete Now :)
(yes its shameful to admit how late I am with this picture....but its now very near the end)






Well those of you that were following my blog last yerar this time, you would remember this work - it is a replica/copy of a Kosovo Maiden Work from 1956 - and it is for my hubby's 40TH Birthday as a present. I'm back on it again, after 12 months, as now I have 2 weeks to complete it in. Here are some earlier wips and the Original Version down the bottom - so all I'll be doing is adding newer Wips on the top of this post :)

Still a LOT OF WORK ON IT :(

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Krista Hasson

Congratulations Krista :)

Krista - please send me your mailing address to-

For all of you that played - Thank You !!!

I will be back blogging and posting some new works over the next few weeks. Also, I will be back on 'Kosovo Maiden' work as well, so I will have some updates on that very soon.
I guess a lot has happened in the last few months and I hope you guys are all well, but one of the most exciting news for me is that I will be studing for the next few months with Erika Gofton :)
For those not familiar with Erika's work - here are a few examples of her work and her web site where you can see all of her work -

So stay well - and see you all soon :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update on Two Upcoming Art Exhibitions

Hallo my dear friends :)
First I want to apologize to you all for being away for weeks now, but my life seems to be in TURBO speed at the moment and I'm struggling to keep up. Somehow there is just not enough hours in a day for me to stay on top of things. And I haven't managed to take any time out to paint either :(
Maybe I'm getting old and slow :)
*BUT - I have two new Art Exhibitions coming up*

This show runs for only three days 6th to 9th of August 2009 and is being held inside Brighton Town Hall. My three works for this exhibition are:

Teenage Blues

Cottage Dreams

Immortal Sorrow

The second show is a Curated Exhibition hosted by Emily Kocaj:
*INTO THE RED* - Art Exhibition
23rd Sep. - 4th Oct., 2009
20-24 Guildford Lane, Melbourne

These two works were accepted for the show:

In Search of Green Horizon

Sins of Disassociation

I would like to thank all my new followers for coming over. I am now on 98 followers - so - I've decided that I will run a give-away of one of my original small works once I reach 100 followers to celebrate and to thank all of you for your support.


Monday, June 29, 2009

MIDNIGHT ECHO MAGAZINE- Published on Page. 61 & 88

YES....finally I got to see my 'Black Widow' on Page. 61 in *Midnight Echo Magazine* which has now been printed and release to the public...it is available to purchase for US$3.50 as a PDF download. I am all set to read the blood curling stories inside this magazine now, and if anyone is into Horror and Macabre writing and art, this is definitelly one of the best magazines on the market. Woo-Hoo - I can't believe I'm in print :)


Saturday, June 27, 2009

BSG Openning Night

Well....what can I say, but that it was absolute madness with the amount of people that were there last night...these pics were taken after the winners were announced (not me by the way) and half of the people were leaving for some air out side, and that gave me enough space to actually put my hand out and take the pics. I lost my two teenage kids within 5min. in the crowed, and waited 30min. before I could even enter the main gallery room.
ohhh...and a word of warning, when you hear that it is an open call and no pre-selection, the nude and pornographic art will be EVERYWHERE- my 16 year old son finally enjoyed a gallery show - he didn't once ask "when's this finish' - I actually had to call their mobile numbers to ask where the hell they were in the gallery and to get their asses outside and meet me as I was finally ready to leave, and already planning a bottle of red to hit at home and cleanse my self of all the energy of all those people off me. I don't dael well with crowded places, and being rubbed and touched by hundreds of people-ughhhh yuckeeeee!!!
One thing that I found very sad and disappointing is that out of 4 big rooms, crowded with over 2500 works, there was only 4 red dots that I noticed...I guess art is still a luxury people are not ready to spend on.
The bottom pic has a red square that shows two of my works on the wall, the third is covered by the head of that man in front. All in all, another art experience I will not forget any time soon :) Cheers !!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brunswick Street Gallery - 'Openning Night' this Friday 26th June, 6.00pm

As you all know, just a quick reminder that the 'Openning Night' for Small Works 09 is this Friday 26th of June, 2009, and it is at Brunswick Street Gallery, 322 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. This time I will sneak a few photos of the night and will post them up on Saturday. I expect it to be a great night and I'm getting excited about it now. There is over 200 artists participating and there will be over 2000 works on display from contemporary to traditional. I will keep you all posted & the three works above are my entries ;)

Published Again in Midnight Echo Magazine

Once again, Midnight Echo Magazine will be publishing this work -
"IN SEARCH OF GREEN HORIZON" in their September Issue, and
there is a chance that it might make FRONT COVER - but all that is to be confirmed closer to the publishing date...and I will be here to let you know of the outcome!!!

My Black Widow painting has been published by this magazine already as most of you might know already, and the release of that issue is 1st July, so I will be posting that up as soon as I receive my copy of the magazine.

I have been busy with work as you all know so I havn't been blogging much, but I did keep up with everyone else's blogs and commented when I could. I have also been busy with some new works, at this stage its all preparation, composition of works and theme that I have been working on, but by July I should have some new works to show you ;)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teenage Blues

Teenage Blues
Oil on Board
21cm x 21cm

Just completed this one, very remaniscant of my daughters sulky face I see dayly .

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Can you hear the whisper of years gone by ?

Can you hear the whisper of years gone by ?
Oil on Canvas

One more new one...;)

Monday, May 11, 2009

In Search of Green Horizon

Hallo my dear friends...just wanted to say sorry for being away for so long, but I am swamped with Architectural work at the moment and don't see any respite until June, when I can get back to some painting again hopefully. I've posted a pic of my painting 'In Search of green Horizon" - Oil on Canvas Board, recently completed, and its me dabbling in Surrealism...I love and admire this type of work, but I don't think I am deep or disturbed enough to make this a successful genre of art for me...or maybe I am LOL...so yeah...I'll just post some works from time to time, to remind you guys that I am thinking of you :) HUGS to ALL !!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

CAS Openning Night !!!

Well...last night was just WONDERFUL...the openning was a success and a FULL HOUSE, there were so many visitors that moving through the gallery was difficult, and the heat of so many bodies in such close proximity got unpleasent at one point. I wish to thank Dale & Sue, Jade & Vlads, my Mum & Daughter, & Desa for coming out last night and giving me their support...I had a wonderful night and is by far the best experiance of my art career. My work received lots of interest from the visitors, with many getting very close and personal with their inspection. Overall...it was the most WONDERFUL NIGHT !!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

PETRA - A new Wonderful artist on Blogger World...


I want to introduce you to a new AMAZING artist on the Blogger World - PETRA_...
if you remember my last year's post on my trip to Perth, to visit Jana's exhibition, it was Petra that welcomed me at the airport and spent most of her day with me driving me around, we have since forged a life long friendship and artistic buddies love...she has just started her new blog...her art is beautiful and I know you will all love and enjoy it as much as I do...so go and have a steaky peek, you will not be disappointed

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm in !!!
- The Contemporary Art Society of Victoria's SEVENTH COLLECTORS' EXHIBITION - to be held in Melbourne at Steps Gallery in 62 Lygon Street, Carlton, 4 - 17 May, 10.30am to 5pm dayly.

I would love to see some of you, and I cordially invite all of you that are able to come, on the openning night - Sunday, 3rd of May, 2009 @ 5pm - 7pm. After some drama during the pre-selection stage, I received my letter of accaptance today. The work which I re-submitted and was accapted in the pre-selection process was my work -'The Return'-


Oil on Linen
99cm x 99cm

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Enchanted Garden
Oil on Linen
60cm X 60cm

Most of last night and today...and she is finished. I am exhausted, but HAPPY:)
Next few weeks I'll be working guys, so this blog might be a bit quiet for a change...but hay...I have to work for my bread and butter unfortunatelly, but I'll be around checking on everyone else - HUGSSS!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

WIP 5 - Enchanted Garden

Wip 5

Just a quick update on Enchanted Garden guys- all white parts will be greenery and flowers as well as most of that back wall, so hopefully this one will be done in the next few days too:)


Pink Embrace

Between The Shadows


One of the works is a work you guys a familiar with "Between the Shadows", but its now framed and ready to gooooo...but the other one is a study in pink "Pink Embrace". It is one of the many pastel sketches I have been doing as a study for my first Classical Nude...:), and this one looked too good to just discard and shove under my pile of sketches...so I framed it and is now available for purchase.
This sketch will probably be the one I use as the final, and be transferred onto a large canvas...my usual stuff...and that is to start very soon, as Enchanted Garden is nearly finished too.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

FORGET ME - finished !!!

Oil on Linen
60cm x 60cm


Finally completed and still dripping in paint - :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

WIP - Forget Me


Wip 4

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Wip 4

Detail 1

Wip 3



I only just made a start on this one tonight, (there is a contest "My Secret Garden" on DA - http://karemelancholia.deviantart.com/journal/22691172/) and I thought I'll do this as my submission - also its the second WIP serias I'm going to share with you guys - this one as you can see is worked differently, no dead layers and no backround blockings...its thick lushes paint directly on canvas after brief sketch outline...its a little experiment I'm running for my self...WHY???
In the past two years I have been going back and forth between working in these two very different ways of painting...I want to decide which way I work better in, and compare the results in quality of the finished work in the end. That is where you lot will be asked to vote and give me your input as well.
I'm of to keep working for a few more hours on this, and then kleen up...you should see my pallett...what a mess...my brushed and my Oils hate me tonight :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

AWARD - Wow-thats two in one day !!!

The lovely talented artist (and my sister) Vania at
has nominated me for the Lemonaid Award for great Gratitude and/or Attitude - thank you so much Vania...please visit Vania's blog to see her unique and beautiful art :)

Here are my 10 chosen people for the award-











WIP-Forget Me





Hi All...
I have 5 new works on, and I thought I might share 2 of the works in WIP system, for those that are interested in fallowing my labour of Love in these new works...they are somewhat more elaborate than my usual thing, and as usual, some soppy girly love storey - ughh...What can I say, 'guilty as charged'- I'm a ROMANTIC at heart...anyway, stay tunes as I will be updating these regularely :) Smootch !!!


I have been awarded the 'A Passion for Painting' award from MORGAINE http://morgaineart.blogspot.com/
Thank you Morgaine! I am deeply honoured as she is an amazing & brilliant artist and if you are not familiar with her work please visit her blog and be amazed :)
I now have to list 7 things which I love and 7 other artists for the award.


My Hubby
My Kids
My Family
My Friends
My Art
My Home &