Thursday, February 12, 2009

E-Bay Rules Prohibit Charity Auctions

This was the message I received from E-Bay regarding my Charity Listing for Bush Fire Appeal...

Unfortunately, eBay has had to remove this listing as it does not comply with the Charity Listing Policy. While eBay does allow charity listings, there are certain criteria a listing must satisfy in order to comply with the Charity Listing Policy. Charitable fundraising is closely regulated by government and is subject to various Australian laws.

S0...I'm holding a private Auction here on my blog for the work ...just put your bids in a form of a comment on the bottom...Auction Listing Above ...Vesna


Lisa said...

thats a shame about Ebay- they have a way of pulling the rug out from underneath you.
Is there a starting price ?
i have no art idea and so wouldnt know where to start in my offer........Lisa xx

Vesna Designs said...

Hi Lisa- I will place a staring price of $20 my self-Thank you for your continuous support-Bless you :) Hugss !!!