Thursday, February 19, 2009

WIP- Between the Shadows

Here is a WIP of my new work...-'Between the Shadows...its where you will find me!'-its a bit of a free expression for me. I was working wet on wet in oils all the way, not caring about line edges mutch - I've been so disciplined and tight lately with the Competition works (artistically constapated to be honest) I felt like letting go and going back to some loose emotive work. Just letting go and letting the oils glide and slide dripping with liquin, mixing hues on the canvas directly...God it was fun!!! You could call this a -self portrait really, the photo was taken by my kids while at the beach, I had my eyes closed, soking in the sun and the breeze and the glorious salty air, my mind a thousand miles away, imagining some hot red abstract peice in my I used that photo as a loose reference, altered it into a black and white image, isolated three main colours and just went from there...I might now just glaze it in that hot red and orange hues from my mind at the time of the photo ...this is as abstract as I can get in my about limited !!!
But I needed this work...I haven't been exploring lately within my art, I have been so focused on my "REAL WORKS" which is the serous side of this industry, and I have forgotten the joy of painting, of not thinking, not concentrating, but closing my eyes and feeling with my brush...I need to spend more time in this place...I hadn't realised how depressed I have been in the last few weeks is the emotional side of me, and it seems to be the most fragile side of me too !!!


Lisa said...

vesna, this is incredibly beautiful- deep and moving- like accessing the goddess within....
your talent is amazing

Vesna Designs said...

Aww Lisa...thank you so much !!!

Michelle said...

I can understand that. This is my favourite of all your stuff Ive seen so far...I feel it....sigh!


Thank you for your comment too :0)

Vesna Designs said...

Thank you Michelle...your comments and support mean a lot to me!!!

Ahhhh...thats three people that love this work the for thought and maybe re-evaluation of my art is in order !!!