Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Art Website

I finally got around to updating and upgrading my Architectural Web Site, but now-FINALY- My Art Web Site - (link is on the right hand side link menu) they share the same domain, but are now separate and independent of eachother. Also, there is a 'Art Works for Sale' section where I am selling some of my large original works, and everything is linked back and forth now...blog-web/web-blog.
Ahhhh...I feel so much better now, one less thing to constantly nag me in the back of my mind...yeah...this is how I spent my long weekend :)


Pencil Sanity said...

I relate to how nice it is to feel the completion of a project. Glad you had a good and productive weekend.

Vesna Designs said...

Hi Maria, yeah, feels like a heavy load has been lifted off. Didn't get any painting done, but, I still feel good !!!

Jade E. Henderson said...

Looks great Ves! Very professional!

Vesna Designs said...

Thanks Jade...good to hear that it doesn't look like a cartoon - phew!!!


Hi Vesna, have had a browse through your new art web site - looks wonderful! Congratulations on a job well done!! Must feel great to finally have it up and running.
Best wishes to you always,

Vesna Designs said...

Thank you PG...thank you for taking the time to look through the web site, you know I always love to here from you- HUGSS!!!

Lisa said...

how dd i miss this post ?
congrats ont he new site- will go take a peak xx