Thursday, April 9, 2009


Wip 4

Detail 1

Wip 3



I only just made a start on this one tonight, (there is a contest "My Secret Garden" on DA - and I thought I'll do this as my submission - also its the second WIP serias I'm going to share with you guys - this one as you can see is worked differently, no dead layers and no backround blockings...its thick lushes paint directly on canvas after brief sketch outline...its a little experiment I'm running for my self...WHY???
In the past two years I have been going back and forth between working in these two very different ways of painting...I want to decide which way I work better in, and compare the results in quality of the finished work in the end. That is where you lot will be asked to vote and give me your input as well.
I'm of to keep working for a few more hours on this, and then kleen should see my pallett...what a brushed and my Oils hate me tonight :)


Jade E. Henderson said...

She is looking awesome, you have captured the light beautifully!

I know what you mean, choosing between the Flemish style and the just do it style. I have stopped trying to choose, just gonna do both LOL I think certain paintings call for certain styles, and perhaps that's what we should focus on? which one needs to be flemish and which one doesn't? I dunno, maybe I'm just avoiding making the choice coz I love doing both ways heehee

Anonymous said...

hey Vesna!

Although I have thought a LOT of your work as beautiful; of late, your results have been even more inspiring and magical. This one is delightful. I am in awe of your talent, inspired by your achievements and thrilled for you!

You deserve this success. Enjoy!

Vania said...

These new WIPs will be beautiful when they are finished - I like the romantic feel of all of them - happy painting :)

Vesna Designs said...

Hay Jade...thanks for your support cheekie:)
I totally agree, some works will require Flemish technique, others will not...I am loving both works so far, but I'm developing a soft spot for this one !!!

Hay Dale...thank you for your support my sure know how to make a girl blush and get a big head...I too have noticed that my work is maturing somewhat, and coming across better...I guess the last two years of relentless painting and drawing anything and everything wasn't for nothing :)

Vesna Designs said...

Thanks Val...thanks for stopping by to give me your support...are we going to catch up any time soon, the kids are haressing me :)!!!

Pencil Sanity said...

Well I sure won't be one of the lot to give you thoughts about painting techniques as I have no idea what I am talking about. HEHE But one thing is for sure I know what is great when I see it and your work is that....GREAT!!!!

Vesna Designs said...

LOL Maria...whta you said is just GREAT anyway...thank you :) (smootch)

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Vesna! Another wonderful WIP. Can't wait to see it finished! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us! Have a lovely weekend!

Lisa :)

Vesna Designs said...

Thank You Lisa...hopefully I can maintain consistancy in this work by the end !!!