Sunday, May 24, 2009

Can you hear the whisper of years gone by ?

Can you hear the whisper of years gone by ?
Oil on Canvas

One more new one...;)


Lisa said...

yes, but its not a whisper its a steady roar....great work vesna x

Juan Carlos Eberhardt said...

muy muy buenos tus trabajos
un abrazo

Vesna said...

Thank you Lisa - HUG & SMOOTCH !!!

Vesna said...

Juan Carlos...Muchas gracias ... gracias por mi blog barbecho. Me siento honrado como su trabajo es maravilloso!


Vesna, what a delightful series of small works. So much emotion in those faces - hauntingly beautiful each one.

Vesna said...

Hi PG...thank you dals, I'm so happy you picked on the 'hauntigly beautiful', its just what I was hoping to get across...HUGS!!!