Monday, May 4, 2009

CAS Openning Night !!!

Well...last night was just WONDERFUL...the openning was a success and a FULL HOUSE, there were so many visitors that moving through the gallery was difficult, and the heat of so many bodies in such close proximity got unpleasent at one point. I wish to thank Dale & Sue, Jade & Vlads, my Mum & Daughter, & Desa for coming out last night and giving me their support...I had a wonderful night and is by far the best experiance of my art career. My work received lots of interest from the visitors, with many getting very close and personal with their inspection. was the most WONDERFUL NIGHT !!!


Jade E. Henderson said...

and your work was gold baby gold!

Vesna Designs said...

LOL...thank you cheekie...THANK YOU for being there -HUGSSS- you are the BEST - but you know that already :)!!!!

Anonymous said...

congratulations Vesna! I am so glad you had such a wonderful night...I am so very proud of you!


So happy to hear about your wonderful night Vesna!!! I sense this through your writing.
Should keep you motivated and please know that those of us who couldn't be there physically were there spiritually. All my love and support always.

Vesna Designs said...

SweetM & PG - thank you for stopping by to givie me you love and support, you are both wonderful/beautiful beings and very dear to me - love to both of you - HUGSS !!!

Lisa said...

most excellent-any photos ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Vesna!

It was an honour for Sue and I to be there. Thank you for allowing us to come along.
Your work looked beautiful and you soooooooo deserved to be there!
I look forward to hearing the good reviews that I am sure will come your way and to hearing of sales.
Vesna, you are an inspiration!

Vesna Designs said...

Hi, unfortunatelly photo's were not allowed within the gallery, but the CAS org. did take some photos, so when they post the openning night photos on their web, I'll just hock of a few and put them here on the blog :) !!!!

Vesna Designs said...

Hi Dale...thank you so much, to both YOU & SUE for coming out last night, I had a ball with you guys and it made my night that much more special...I sent you some e-mails regarding things we spoke of last night-did you get them ???
Once again...THANK YOU !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vesna!
Believe me, it was OUR pleasure!! Thank you.

No, no emails have arrived here. My email addresses are:

Thanks for these. I am looking forward to reading them

Oh, and that book that I can recommend to you is:

"A friend like Henry" by Nuala Gardner. It is extraordinary, inspiring and heart renching.

Petra Sohns Didion said...

I wish i could have been there, i would have loved to share your opening with joy, admiring your paintings, you such a talented Artist, i hope you will get some well deserved red dots

big hugsssssssss and congratulation

Vesna Designs said...

Hi Petra...thank you was wonderful and yes I hope for a red dot too :)

James Parker said...

What delightful artwork!! I dropped by to welcome you and thank you for hopping on my blogwagon, and I am blown away by your paintings. I'll be back.

Vesna said...

Hallo James, thank you for stopping by and for your kind words, I look forwads to fallowing eachothers work and becoming cyber friends :)