Monday, May 11, 2009

In Search of Green Horizon

Hallo my dear friends...just wanted to say sorry for being away for so long, but I am swamped with Architectural work at the moment and don't see any respite until June, when I can get back to some painting again hopefully. I've posted a pic of my painting 'In Search of green Horizon" - Oil on Canvas Board, recently completed, and its me dabbling in Surrealism...I love and admire this type of work, but I don't think I am deep or disturbed enough to make this a successful genre of art for me...or maybe I am yeah...I'll just post some works from time to time, to remind you guys that I am thinking of you :) HUGS to ALL !!!


Jade E. Henderson said...

Why hello stranger!!!!
Ye'll be back soon!
Let the ideas stew til then!
-you know I totally dig this painting!

Vesna said...

Hay cheekie...yeah, the ideas a stewing alright, but no time to do anything about them...hope they don'y stew too long and go rotten !

Petra Sohns Didion said...

Hi Beautiful

any news from you are received with joy

its great to be part of your circle of life
so words are gooooooooddddddddd too


Vesna said...

Hallo dals...thank you, you are soooo sweet...:)

Julie's Art said...

We miss you Vesna, your work is very inspiring

Vesna said...

Hi Julie...thank you sweetie, I miss all of you and my OILs dearly, but life is life, I must work for bills and morgage like anyone else, I hope to be back painting and chgatting with you all in 2-3 weeks , I shuld have a month for it at least...I CAN'T WAIT !!!


Hi Vesna,
Just dropping you a line.. this painting 'In Search of Green Horizon' is visually stunning with those flesh tones against the grey. Your regular work might be keeping you away for a while - rest assured you are always thought of.
Sending you hugs & love

Vesna said...

Hay PG- thank you dals...thank you for your sweet thoughts...HUGS !!!

Virginia Palomeque said...

Excellent Works!!!
Virginia Palomeque

Vesna said...

Thank you Virginia....however, I think your work is truly amazing, thank you for fallowing, and I look forwards to fallowing your art too:)