Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teenage Blues

Teenage Blues
Oil on Board
21cm x 21cm

Just completed this one, very remaniscant of my daughters sulky face I see dayly .


Petra Sohns Didion said...

it is absolutely adorable
nice painting

Vesna said...

Thank you Petra...she needs a touch more work, but she'll get there eventually :)

Vania said...

Its lovely ves - reminds me of Jovan a bit but then him and Kassy look alike heaps!

Jade E. Henderson said...

ah that's Kassys haircut!
It's a gorgeous wee painting, these will do good at BSG I think :D

Vesna said...

Hay Val...yeah, I think the nose is too wide and the eyers are too big, making the face more familiar with Jovan...I'll fix that up today !!!

Vesna said...

Hay cheekie, thanks mate...I too hope thay do well in BSG Show...did you get you submissions done ????

cardesin said...

A great expression in the eyes

Vesna said...

Hi Cardesin...thank you very much :)