Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Published Again in Midnight Echo Magazine

Once again, Midnight Echo Magazine will be publishing this work -
"IN SEARCH OF GREEN HORIZON" in their September Issue, and
there is a chance that it might make FRONT COVER - but all that is to be confirmed closer to the publishing date...and I will be here to let you know of the outcome!!!

My Black Widow painting has been published by this magazine already as most of you might know already, and the release of that issue is 1st July, so I will be posting that up as soon as I receive my copy of the magazine.

I have been busy with work as you all know so I havn't been blogging much, but I did keep up with everyone else's blogs and commented when I could. I have also been busy with some new works, at this stage its all preparation, composition of works and theme that I have been working on, but by July I should have some new works to show you ;)


Ingrid Russell said...

That is awesome!

Vesna said...

Thank You Ingrid :) & HUGS!!!