Sunday, February 22, 2009


'YES...we are back...the Goddesses have re-awakened to walk the Earth once more...after years of dorment and silent existance, silent between earth and water...they now shed away years of suppression and subservant sleep !'



80cm X 80cm

Almost complete...and totally delicious...and yes-I have dumped it/excluded it/its rights revoked to enter into that up-coming Competition...
WHY???? you must be screaming now...because its not what this competition is about nor what they will be looking for...I'm just being mature about, I'm sure it will be suited for something else or someone else eventually, meanwhile I can busk in the glory of this work - We are the Goddesses and ...WE ARE BACK !!!
And a HUGE THANK YOU to Mark Snelson for allowing me the use of the seascape photo he took and I used in this work...MARK...your the BEST!!!

PS-but now, I'm in serious debacle as I am one work short...busy busy now trying to get another work out...ohhhhhh someone kill me !!!!