Friday, February 27, 2009

Contemporary Art Society of Victoria Inc.

Maiden Dusk Dance
Oil on Linen

I am totally overwhelmed at the moment...I just found my self in the Art Review section in the Contemporary Art Society Newslateer - Summer 2009. I have never been in the print before...this is the first time my Art and ME have made it into print, and it is a HUGE thing for me.
I literally fell of the couch and choked on my coffee once it dawned onto me that the painting I was looking at (which looked oddly familiar to me) was actually mine inside the Art Review section. The reviw was for the 'Under the Burnley Bridge Exhibition' which was staged last December, and wrote about a select few artists and artworks that the reviewer found worthy mentioning in name and detail...I was one of them. They had the above work in picture on the page and the fallowing statement under:
"Both 'Maiden Dusk Dance' and 'Feminine Fountain' works in Oil by Vesna Maksimovic offered contemporary and pleasing interpretations of 'La Primavera' (allegory od Spring), a work of early Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510), in which he depicted the three female figures representing the three Graces."