Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hungry for You - WIP

Hungry for You
30cm x30cm
Oil on Linen

Another work in progress... there is a burning hunnger and deep feeling of gratitude inside me...I am one of the blessed's trying to get out, yet ...I fear its passion and its power!!!... for if I allow it to reign over me, I fear it will consume me...five yers of waiting ...I am consumed by the power of living !!!

In Memory of You -WIP

In Memory of You
30cm x 30cm
Oil on Canvas

I have been dreaming of her lately, her green eyes haunting me...fallowing me through shadows and speeding scenes in my sleep...I plan to draw her big-bigger than Life painting, but this is for now a practice peice of the most beautiful face I had ever seen, yet I have not seen that face for 5 years now...I will never see that face again.
5 years ago we both set in a waiting room and waited for our names to be called...we both had the same horror story, same diagnosis...yet only one of us survived...why did I live??? love for this beautiful stranger will go on forever...