Thursday, April 9, 2009


Wip 4

Detail 1

Wip 3



I only just made a start on this one tonight, (there is a contest "My Secret Garden" on DA - and I thought I'll do this as my submission - also its the second WIP serias I'm going to share with you guys - this one as you can see is worked differently, no dead layers and no backround blockings...its thick lushes paint directly on canvas after brief sketch outline...its a little experiment I'm running for my self...WHY???
In the past two years I have been going back and forth between working in these two very different ways of painting...I want to decide which way I work better in, and compare the results in quality of the finished work in the end. That is where you lot will be asked to vote and give me your input as well.
I'm of to keep working for a few more hours on this, and then kleen should see my pallett...what a brushed and my Oils hate me tonight :)