Saturday, June 27, 2009

BSG Openning Night

Well....what can I say, but that it was absolute madness with the amount of people that were there last night...these pics were taken after the winners were announced (not me by the way) and half of the people were leaving for some air out side, and that gave me enough space to actually put my hand out and take the pics. I lost my two teenage kids within 5min. in the crowed, and waited 30min. before I could even enter the main gallery room.
ohhh...and a word of warning, when you hear that it is an open call and no pre-selection, the nude and pornographic art will be EVERYWHERE- my 16 year old son finally enjoyed a gallery show - he didn't once ask "when's this finish' - I actually had to call their mobile numbers to ask where the hell they were in the gallery and to get their asses outside and meet me as I was finally ready to leave, and already planning a bottle of red to hit at home and cleanse my self of all the energy of all those people off me. I don't dael well with crowded places, and being rubbed and touched by hundreds of people-ughhhh yuckeeeee!!!
One thing that I found very sad and disappointing is that out of 4 big rooms, crowded with over 2500 works, there was only 4 red dots that I noticed...I guess art is still a luxury people are not ready to spend on.
The bottom pic has a red square that shows two of my works on the wall, the third is covered by the head of that man in front. All in all, another art experience I will not forget any time soon :) Cheers !!!!