Tuesday, February 16, 2010

After a Long Absence - HI !!!

First...a big HI to all of you...I do apologize for my long absence from the BLOG...but 2009 was a tough and demanding year, and 2010 has started on a similar note :(
I have been run down with work and kids and had all but stopped painting. I have completed my course with Erika Gofton...it was a wonderful experience and I did learn soooo much. I also discovered my love for Willow Charcoal, and bellow is one of the works I completed during the course in willow charcoal, and probably the only work worth showing here lol, as all the other ones are exercises and sketch type of works :)
I hope all of you are well and busy painting away, and I plan to spend the rest of the morning popping into all your blogs and catching up with all of you and the works I missed in the last 5 months.
Take care...and I plan to be more around these days !!!



Caio Fernandes said...

good to have you back !!
and this is a wonderful work !1
see you Vesna !!

Vesna said...

Thank you Caio...its lovely to hear from you :)

Stefan Maguran said...

So glad to see your progress - very impressive - well done. Looking forward to see your new paintings.

Sadia Hussain said...

Love the colors you've used here! Excellent! Will drop by again and hope you have a great year!

Vesna said...

Hi Stefan...its really good to hear from you, you must be run off your feet with the 'Outsiders Festival'-it is looking wonderfully good and I have been fallowing your updates on Face Book :)

Hi Sadia...thank you for stopping by and your support, I did manage to check out you blog this morning, your work is bloody brilliant ( 100 layers :o) WOW-I'm definitely fallowing you now :)

perugina said...

Hi Vesna,
Good to see you have posted on the blog after a long absence.. i too have not been away.
Have lots to catch up on and plan to slowly get around to see what others i have come to know have been doing.
Your sketch in willow charcoal is great, the composition is appealing.
Glad to read you enjoyed completing your course with Erica Gofton.
Take care.. ease into things.. for we all understand.

Vesna said...

Hi PG - its good to hear from you-I missed you too :)

Greywolf-Art said...

Hi Vesna, Glad to see that you are back with us again :)

to encourage you to keep up with the blog I've awarded you a sunshine blogger award :) to collect it just visit my blog at: http://greywolf-art.blogspot.com/

graham hanks

Vesna said...

Graywolf Art- thank you sooooo much - I am truly touched :)

Jade E. Henderson said...

Hey chicka, I didn't know you were BACK woohooo my art buddy is back yes? no?

Vesna said...

Hay chickie - yes I'm baaaaack - very slowly but surely...lots of new little works going on :)))))

Anonymous said...

Hi Vesna,
Like you, i have been away from the blogging world and have recently returned. May i say your charcoal drawing is fantastic. Really love it.I know how hard charcoal is to use. I would love to see some other of your drawings in this media. I think that would be cool.
Hope you are well.
Rebecca xo

Vesna said...

Hi Rebecca - good to see you back on blogging world :) I do plan to do some more charcoal drawings, and I'll make sure I post them up :)
Thanks for stopping by -HUGSS

kanishk said...

Beautiful art! Best wishes at the art shows!
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