Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just a scetch

Here is one sketch - very representative of what the show works will be about.
I am going with mostly surreal style.
One major change here - they will be more mannequin like in the painted version.
So- feel free to give me your insight and opinions :)))
This is Willow Charcoal and graphite pen .

Friday, April 23, 2010

New Show- New Direction

Hi all :)))

Well, I think its time I announced my upcoming Art Show in August. It is a dual show, and I will be sharing the show with my sister in law - Jade -
so....I am stressed beyond words now. I have been hibernating and hiding for months searching for strength and inspiration to start on this show; and I finally did...
Today I feel dull and uninspired - exhausted after a tree day long hysterical brainstorming session - preparing, organizing and finalizing new works in thumbnail form - I have more than half of the works worked out, and a good start on two of the works in pencil outline on my primed MDF board...
Right now- I'm not sure I can do this :(
I wonder where all that excitement and eagerness went from 14 months ago when me and Jade planed and booked this show ????????
And I'm battling with the name of the show - today its 'PERCEPTIONS" ....maybe tomorrow it might be another name LOL....

One more good news - I am studding for the next few months with Erika Gofton again, this time in a Mentored class, mostly working with her on these new upcoming exhibition works.

Take care & talk to you all soon :))))