Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My First (nearly) Completed Work

As promised - here is the first of 11 completed works - (nearly LOL) just a few extra highlight when its dry and its done.
One down - ten to go :))

Thursday, June 3, 2010


A big HI to all of you guys :)
Yes I am alive...yet stressed and tired. I have been sketching, re-sketching and more sketching, but....I have all 11 works now finalized and ready to start my oils - YAY !!!!

OHHHHHHHH....and 10 weeks to do it all in too :((((

It took me so long to get here...and even I can't believe the time it took me to get all these works to work together, and gel as one SHOW :((
But now- I am happy with them all, and I am to embark on the next step - OILS :))))

I have here 4 sketches out of 11 from the show, to give you some idea of where it is all going and to give u an idea of what the show ( for me) will be about. For the time being....these are my "Perceptions" :)))