Thursday, June 3, 2010


A big HI to all of you guys :)
Yes I am alive...yet stressed and tired. I have been sketching, re-sketching and more sketching, but....I have all 11 works now finalized and ready to start my oils - YAY !!!!

OHHHHHHHH....and 10 weeks to do it all in too :((((

It took me so long to get here...and even I can't believe the time it took me to get all these works to work together, and gel as one SHOW :((
But now- I am happy with them all, and I am to embark on the next step - OILS :))))

I have here 4 sketches out of 11 from the show, to give you some idea of where it is all going and to give u an idea of what the show ( for me) will be about. For the time being....these are my "Perceptions" :)))


Jade E. Henderson said...

oooh yours is going to work so well together, and look absolutely fabulous - I can't wait to see them all! argh!

Vesna said...

Well I'm dying to see your work too chick....must get together soon :)))

Julie's Art said...

Vesna, your scetches are fabulous, good to see you back at it again , heavens , when you say 10 weeks away, thats scary, sounds so very close.

Vesna said...

Hay is so wonderful to hear from you...and you are correct, it is very close and I'm absolutely petrified at the moment LOL

perugina said...

Hi Vesna, great to see that it's full steam ahead with the paintings for the show.
It's wonderful to have this as your goal. I have every confidence in you!
Keep us posted!

Vesna said...

Hi PG - God I've missed U :)
As always...thank you soooo much for your support- it means a world to me :)))
Hugs XX

Julia Christie said...

Great sketches...I can't wait to see the finished oils!

Congrats on your show and don't worry, you will be fabulous!


Vesna said...

Hay Julia...thank you sooo much for ur support and belief in me - it seems that everyone else has more trust in me than I do my self LOL - HUGSSS :))

Wendi. S. said...

yay, c'mon. I'm hanging to see " something" !!!!! The sketches look promising. Inspiration and hugs to you.

Vesna said...

Lol Wendi - I know what u mean...thank you for your support - HUGSSSS x 1000
I will have my first colour work up here by TONIGHT :))))

kanishk said...

great painting.
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