Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PERCEPTIONS - Opening Night

Thank you to all my DEAR friends and family that braved the cold night and came to the opening of the show on Saturday Night -your support is deeply appreciated..........THANK YOU
The night was a wonderful and festive one... and one which I will take with me forever :)))
And for my dear blog followers- I have finally managed to find a few minutes to up date you are some shots of the opening night and some of the works...I hope you enjoy it and leave me some comments :)))

Me in front of my main work - ' Fuchsia Fantasy '

'Red is Forever '

'Forget Me Not '

'Used & Abused '

Me and some friends discussing art :))

Me again :0))

'Bits & Pieces '

'Road to Perfection '

' Fuchsia Fantasy'

Deep in discussion with one of my dearest friends in the world - also by the name of Vesna :))

'Lost in Transit '

' Waiting for perfection '

Lana, me & Jade - glasses up - we MADE IT :)))

Many walked and looked - and many made their own mind- but many asked what was it that I was painting - ??????
To me- the show was about a moment ...a deep perception which I felt in a split second ... and which affected me deeply enough to actually make an art show about - and simply put...I was deeply disappointed and ashamed how plastic and accessories-ed the world of women it has / or was becoming...and what hurt the was seeing my self in those empty (mannequin like)lost souls looking for redemption by fitting in and belonging by at least THEIR fashion sense.

- That what defined us was the LABEL that we wore on our back...or the BAG that hung over our shoulder...or the $500 SHOES on our feet we strutted down on the black footpath or the road we were crossing...

-Maybe if we looked like something that stepped of a 'Vogue' will make it all right. People wouldn't notice our internal fears and insecurities.

- The more diamonds, Brand-names & Famous Labels we put on our selves...the more in control and perfect we appear.

- The less everyone judges us.

- and it was a lonely place. Just like all the backgrounds in my images...hidden, shameful and desolate places...where we confront our selves with these issues- as we know deep inside we are better than the Label we ware...a place where no one will know our secret...

In that moment I lived and painted for many weeks...and now I suffer the emotional and physical exhaustion :)))

But it's a happy time for me now-I made my peace with the world - I know there is more to me than just a really good classy fashion appearance...and yes ...I have a very bad shoe fetish LOL ...which I am not even going to try to cure - I LOVE MY SHOES :)))