Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I thought I would do a post as a tribute to my 'baby brother Vlado & Jade's' Wedding. It was a very beautiful and emotional day for the whole family; a God given gorgeous sunny 22 degree day in Melbourne and a new beginning for a couple of very special and beautiful people that enrich my life every day.

I am just coming down from it's high actually.

It was on the 1st of May - last Saturday - (and which was also Rodney's and mine 17th year Wedding Anniversary also !!!!)
I was honored to share this date with my baby brother and my new SISTER JADE !!!!!
Here are some pictures from the day that will stay in my memory forever and I wish to share it with you.
I'm sure Jade will put some pictures up on her own Blog when she gets back from their 2 week honeymoon - ( she promised me she will do her best to make me an AUNTIE at the end of it LOL )

Also - some of the pictures here are taken by LANA - an amazing upcoming photographic artist - please visit her blog and be amazed by her WORLD :)))

Me and my BEAUTIFUL daughter Kasandra

My sister Val's and my clan of children - (there is one extra there LOL- the smallest one belongs to a friend )

The church ceremony :)

My brother Vlado and 3 of my kids

Me dancing bare foot by this stage in the night LOL-picture by LANA

Jade - musing at the gathering - picture by LANA

Vlado & Jade - first dance as husband and wife :)-picture by LANA

Me and my BEAUTIFUL man - Rodney

Dancing the night away surrounded by my 4 children and family and friends- WOW :)

Kasandra & Filip ( both mine )-photo by LANA

Kasandra and me ( again) - photo by LANA

And to finish off - Another beautiful moment